Mouth Off 03.18.12

Posted on April 6, 2012 by MouthOffTeam

We are often asked what segments we most enjoy doing, or which ones are our favorites.  Since Dave is off preparing for SingStrong, and Christopher is rehearsing for an a cappella dream trip to Hong Kong, we figured this would be a good time to let our past selves do the talking.

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Or use this link to download the mp3 and take it with you.

From July 11, 2010:
Behind the Music
How the heck did Northwestern Purple Haze make those cool sounds on their version of “The Process”?  Christopher gets on the phone with producer Ben Lieberman, who explains The Process step by step by step.

From January 31, 2010:
Names You Should Know
Bobby McFerrin. The voice.
For a great peek inside McFerrin’s brain, click here to watch him at the World Science Festival.

From May 23, 2010:
Did You Know?
Catherine Lewis is back with another behind-the-scenes look at a famous song. Today’s story involves U2‘s “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” Casey Casem, and sample band Negativland.  Christopher is intrigued by Negativland’s unique style, and Dave just wants to keep talking about copyright and trademark law.

From January 16, 2011:
Album Review
After becoming addicted to their latest album Tarinoita, Christopher declares that Finnish group Rajaton is the best group in the world.  Dave implores you to buy it today (in Euros).

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