Mouth Off 02.12.12

Posted on March 1, 2012 by MouthOffTeam

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High School Focus
Christopher shares the story of a new high school group that is quickly making waves for its maturity, commitment, and originality. ┬áCenterville High School’s Forte is worth watching. ┬áCheck out their Kickstarter for their new all-originals project.

5 Minutes With…
Calabasas High School Unstrumental, who recently took second place at the Los Angeles A cappella Festival scholastic competition.

Album Review
Stanford University’s Mixed Company’s new album, The Rush, has some great appeal, but at times feels a bit rushed.


  • [...] efforts of the group, their friends and family, and a shout-out by acclaimed a cappella podcast Mouth Off, it looks like their dream will be becoming a reality; the project is as of now fully [...]

  • Anna on March 3rd, 2012

    NOOOOOOOO! I just realized I’ll be in DC on the 23rd, but returning home on the train in the afternoon on the 24th. Trying to decide if I should scrap my plans to hike around the Great Dismal Swamp on Sunday so I can go to the matinee concert (I’d be driving up instead of taking the train.

    Dang. Just checked for tickets, and it’s sold out. Well, that solves my problem. Sort of.

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