Mouth Off 01.22.12

Posted on January 24, 2012 by MouthOffTeam

It’s an EP-sode!

Listen to the show right here:


Or use this link to download the mp3 and take it with you.

In Your Earbuds

Christopher is loving the latest EPs from USC Trojan Men, UNC Cadence, and NCSU Acappology.

Around the World
London-based French musician June Caravel recorded her first solo a cappella record before ever learning about the a cappella community.  Welcome June!

Listener Mailbag
Lots of chatter about LA/AF, the Bubs tour to Argentina, Vocal Forte’s new track list makes waves, Coldplay love for the Georgetown Phantoms, Postyr Project live streaming concert, m-pact bass man Trist Curless shares their new studio recording of the much-loved “My Funny Valentine,” and a fan from Philadelphia belts about the Broadway belt-off challenge.

Album Review
Mo5aic’s EP 5 is sonic bliss. Christopher and Dave both love it, and wonder what’s next for this superquintet.

Album Review
The self-titled debut EP from London-based all-female pro group the boxettes is promising, if surprisingly organic.

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