Mouth Off 01.16.11

Posted on January 16, 2011 by MouthOffTeam

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Around The Horn
London A cappella Festival wraps up, Stephen Colbert can’t remember the Swingle Singers, The Sing-Off goes Dutch, A Cappella Records reaches 50K downloads, BOCA/BOHSA catalog to hit digital stores, LA/AF is less than 2 weeks away!, CARA noms coming February 1, A Cappella Blog announces 2011 ICCA Bracket, Austrian livelooper-beatboxer Fii is on tour promoting new album VoxBox, bass/beatbox microphone The Thumper digital revamp continues, The Red States debut album No Political Affiliation lands January 25 (“Creep” single out now), Memphis groups DeltaCappella and Riva to perform in groundbreaking A Midsummer Night’s Dream Opera A Cappella.

5 Minutes With… Peter Hollens.
Christopher kicks back with On the Rocks star Peter Hollens, who shares an insider view of The Sing-Off, new albums he’s producing, and his brand new split-screen YouTube video (single on iTunes).

Spit Loud
Jake Moulton is better at beatboxing than you.  And imitating instruments.  And vocal scratching.  And songwriting.  And… everything.

Album Review
After becoming addicted to their latest album Tarinoita, Christopher declares that Finnish group Rajaton is the best group in the world.  Dave implores you to buy it today (in Euros).


  • Joan Hare on January 16th, 2011

    Stephen Colbert would be amazed at how young-looking the Swingle Singers are, considering they’ve been performing since the 1960′s!

  • Marko on January 16th, 2011

    Rajaton heard your review and were really pleased :)

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