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Mouth Off 12.27.09

Posted on 2009 12, 28 by MouthOffTeam

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Sing-Off Wrap-Up Dave and Christopher offer their final reactions on The Sing-Off, and share several messages from YOU the fans. (Thanks to all who called the Mouth Off Hotline–you’re the best!)

First Annual Mouth Off Awards The boys look back on some of the best a cappella moments in 2009.

Mouth Off 12.20.09

Posted on 2009 12, 20 by MouthOffTeam

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Sing-Off Update Dave and Christopher offer their thoughts on the success of the Sing-Off, the set, the judges, the groups, the results, and everything in between.  Noteworthy’s co-directors Amy and Courtney react to the once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Fans offer their predictions on the result.

Cool Chord of the Week Holiday a cappella singing is a cottage industry.  Dave points out that even if holiday singers can’t get too crazy with an arrangement, they sure can milk the chords for all they’re worth.  Crimson 4 and Ricky Parkinson are a prime example.

Arrangement Spotlight Christopher says his favorite Christmas song is “O Holy Night,” and one of his favorite arrangements is the tasty version by Sonos (ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE U.K.!).

Around the World Arrangement Spotlight Religious Segment Young and Original Six13 takes a Cthanukah classic and re-works it. Check out their version of “Al Hanissim.”

Album Review Cluster has done it again with Christmas Present, taking holiday classics (and an original!) and infusing them with new, sulky, tasty, meaningful, gravity-defying life. Christopher dies yet again.

Final Thought Courtesy of Cluster, Dave and Christopher give every listener the gift of vocal brass. “Jingle Bells” is one of the best tracks of the year.

Mouth Off 12.13.09

Posted on 2009 12, 13 by MouthOffTeam

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Around The Horn Ripple Effect: Constructive Interference is out!, CARA Nominating has begun, Guys doing GaGa = awesomesauce, VEVO launches this week, Ithacappella has a new album, UMichigan Dicks & Janes duke it out PBS style with Michigan State’s Capital Green, and The Sing-Off on NBC starts tomorrow!

Sing-Off Preview The boys give an overview of the Tufts Beelzebubs, Voices of Lee, BYU Noteworthy, the SoCals, Maxx Factor, Face, Solo, and Nota, along with each group’s strengths and weaknesses.  Show arranger Deke Sharon gives some insights behind the production, and judge Ben Folds shares his view from the judging bench.

New segment! Girl PowerOpera of the Bells” by R&B female legends Destiny’s Child is just the right mix of sass, style and power. No wonder they continue to sell MILLIONS of records.

Arrangement Spotlight Check out Dave’s spotlight of the only Grinch cover (via the ever-incredible Rockapella) that might compete with the original for its sheer style.

Album Review The guys have a jolly ol’ time checking out Christmas Cheers, the newest release from YouTube sensation turned major label group Straight No Chaser. Dave and Xtopher agree that what the album lacks in production value, it more than makes up for with creativity, energy, charm and humor!

Mouth Off 12.06.09

Posted on 2009 12, 06 by MouthOffTeam

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For today’s show, the boys showcase some of the finest a cappella to come out of all-female groups across the country and across the globe!

My New Girlfriend Dave is crazy about the beauty, talent and charisma of the red-headed force from the UNCG Sapphires, the lovely Blair Baldwin.

Arrangement Spotlight
Christopher can’t contain all of the superlatives when talking about the fabulous, amazing, wonderful, gorgeous, engaging, remarkable, exciting and very good arrangement of “In The Waiting Line” from the UO Divisi’s Roots.

Young and Original
Nabby Parkinson’s reinterpretation “Lord, I Would Follow Thee” breathes beautiful new life into an old hymn and cements her position as a talented, original and upcoming songwriter. (And her Star Spangled Banner ain’t so bad either.)

Names You Should Know
Christopher’s ongoing a cappella education bus makes a stop in San Francisco as he shares a bit about the quirky, silly, and important songs of Mary Schmary, one of the first all-female pro groups of the modern era.

Around The World In a new segment premiere, Dave tells us about the amazing ladies that make up the famed Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares from Bulgaria. Eastern Europe is where it’s at.

Album Review: Houses Kill – JMU Bluestones
The guys discuss the newest release from the JMU beauties- Christopher thinks the content’s excellence stands alone but wants more intense mixing, and Dave wants groups to fix some bass lines and use the full breadth of studio capabilities to do more than capture the live sound.