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Mouth Off 11.29.09

Posted on 2009 11, 29 by MouthOffTeam

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Around the Horn Duwende claims Casual Harmony’s Aaron Boykin as their newest dude, Boston-based Overboard’s Beatles tribute Help! is FREE, A Cappella helps a man with Alzheimers (seriously, read this right now), AcaTunes might release an iPhone app?, and the Sing Off lineup is announced! Dave basically couldn’t be more proud that BYU Noteworthy is among the contenders!

Christopher gets down and dirty with two stellar versions of Taxi Ride’s “Get Set”. It’s an artistic brawl between the Northwestern Undertones and the Stanford Harmonics (thanks James Ranson!).
[Edit: Both songs are available on iTunes here: Undertones - and Harmonics -]

My New Girlfriend Noteworthy-love abounds as Dave tells us about the mega-talented songwriter, producer, engineer, singer, teacher, directer and Mouth Off! theme song writer, the lovely Catherine Papworth.

In Your Earbuds Of COURSE Christopher’s been all about the new GaGa, but the new Norah Jones is moody and sophisticated and playing on repeat in his earbuds.

Album Review
This time, the boys are more yin and yin as they discuss the latest release Twist from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill all-male supergroup, the Clef Hangers. This meaty album is high quality, squeaky clean and great fun, but could maybe stand for a more sensitive touch.

The Sing-Off Lineup!

Posted on 2009 11, 23 by MouthOffTeam

It’s official, the lineup for NBC’s reality show The Sing-Off is in!

The Tufts Beelzebubs from Boston, Massachusetts
Brigham Young’s Noteworthy from Provo, Utah
Face from Boulder, Colorado
Maxx Factor from Baltimore, Maryland
Nota from San Juan Puerto Rico
The SoCals from Los Angeles, California
Solo from Omaha, Nebraska
Voices of Lee from Cleveland, Tennessee

(Hat tip: Pitch Perfect blog)
Press release first reported here.

Mouth Off 11.22.09

Posted on 2009 11, 22 by MouthOffTeam

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BOCA Special

Around the Horn BOCA 2010 is announced, ICCA & ICHSA lineups announced, Joey C and AcappellaU are back!, register for the American Beatbox Championships NAOUGH, sing six is on Amazon mp3, UPenn Off The Beat releases their new album, Myspace is…dying, Michael Eldredge did some aMAHzing photo documenting of SoJam ’09, McGill U. Effusion and Soulstice to sing for the Winter Olympics, and Nick Lachey will be hosting the Sing Off.

The Good Ol’ Days Dave shares two early BOCA hits that have become a cappella staples- “Insomniac” (opb Billy Pilgrim) by the Virginia Gentlemen and “In The House Of Stone And Light” (opb Martin Page) by the Brown Derbies.

Arrangement Spotlight Christopher got arrested because “Billie Jean/No Diggity” by the Stanford Everyday People got him so pumped he drove three…or four…or fifteen miles over the speed limit.

Dave and Christopher laugh their faces off (ew) at Wasting Our Parents’ Money, the little known but highly hilarious humor album from the BOCA series.

My New Girlfriend Christopher reconsiders some things after Anne Foster’s ridiculous “Where Would You Be” (opb Martina McBride) with BOCA regulars the UVA Sil’hooettes smashes through his earbuds.

Special Report: BOCA- Best of College A Cappella
In honor of the announcement of BOCA 2010, the boys give you all the dish on the background, selection, and purpose of BOCA via the two aca-dorks who know the most about it: Deke Sharon of Total Vocal and the House Jacks and Amanda Newman, BOCA co-owner and Varsity Vocals director. They follow that up with some commentary (and of course, CLIPS!) and discussion about the newest incarnation of the compilation.

Mouth Off 11.15.09

Posted on 2009 11, 16 by MouthOffTeam

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Okay, okay friends and fans! We’ve read your emails and heard your cries. You want to know about SoJam! Well in this episode, the boys dig deep into their trove of SoJam audio to bring you some highlights from the unforgettable weekend.

Around the Horn SoJam pwned, sing six is available! (and free for CASA members), Duwende is auditioning and Dave is fainting, Ryan Grajo reviews Firedrill, another Mouth Off fan milestone (FB here and Twitter here), CARA nominator and judge applications are DUE, Straight No Chaser’s new Xmas album is out (tour schedule here), The Sing-Off will debut Monday  Dec. 14.

Podcast Update NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me is hilarious, and NBC News anchor Brian Williams’ recent appearance on the show surprised Dave with a great vocal instrument imitation.

Sexypella Christopher loves playlists, and UPenn Counterparts “Volcano” is a perennial favorite on his sexypella playlist.

SoJam Wrap-Up Oodles of festival goodness (and don’t miss Christopher’s collegiate competition summary here).

[Correction: During the SoJam wrap-up, we played a clip from Aural Pleasure's yet-to-be-released track "Hallelujah." Because VocalSource and Ed Boyer have a big hand in the album, we assumed Ed had mixed that track, when in fact it was mixed by Bill Hare. Apologies for the mixup.]

Mouth Off 11.08.09

Posted on 2009 11, 08 by MouthOffTeam

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Hey listeners! We had a tremendously fun weekend at SoJam. It was a thrill to interact with so many of you and to meet so many new friends. Stay tuned next week for a more complete wrap-up of the event, complete with audio clips of some of our favorite moments. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this week’s show!

My New Boyfriend Christopher is crushing BIGTIME on the voice, creativity, and accomplishments (and face) of Joseph Bates.

Listener Mailbag Another take on why the ICCA West keeps dominating the competition, a re-hash of the boys’ review of Basix Diversity and the role of original music in pro a cappella, and a sleewww of comments and emails trying to convince Christopher that the a cappella community can take ownership of the hit Fox show Glee.

Young and Original “As You Go” by the Duke Pitchforks is an incredible example of students writing great original a cappella music.

Music from the Future Though the album won’t be released for a couple more weeks, Dave gazes into his crystal ball and predicts that the University of Michigan Dicks & Janes’ new album Acousticophilia will be extremely not terrible.

Album Review Brandeis VoiceMale’s latest release Suit Up. offers some of the best solos the boys have ever heard from an all-male college group. Christopher isn’t in love with the song selection, which of course means Dave is. Both agree that the arrangements are sometimes too thick like a long, heavy meal. Christopher wants a salad.

Mouth Off 11.01.09

Posted on 2009 11, 01 by MouthOffTeam

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Around the Horn Jeff Thacher will be at SoJam, Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir, Vocomotion Studios are beautiful, Vienna Boys Mixed Choir, Zing! wins Sweet Adelines championship, Kindacappella, review of Sonos in concert, Dave & Christopher are going to be busy at SoJam, Naturally 7 on Buble’s new album, M-Pact’s Britt Quentin is playing the king of pop.

In the Basement A cappella pioneer Richard “Bob” Greene is singing lower than ever.

This is Not an Instrument Cluster‘s “One Note Samba” features great trumpets voices that sound exactly like trumpets.

A Cappella Alumni Former UNC Clef Hangers singer Brendan Ernst James is now a big pro star with a record deal.  His debut album The Day is Brave is beautiful.

Monster Mash NYC-based Contemporary A cappella League group the Red States‘ mashup of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” and Rihanna’s “Disturbia” is tasteful and clever.

Album Review Kettering High School Eleventh Hour‘s latest album Like Clockwork sets the bar high for teenage singers.  The group’s immaturity shows, but their sophisticated talent shines through.