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Mouth Off 10.25.09

Posted on 2009 10, 25 by MouthOffTeam

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Cool Chord of the Week Christopher can’t contain the coolness of this chromatic cool chord clip.  We dare you to sing any note along with OTB‘s “Because.”

Spit Loud Matt Murphy, from Groove Society and The Saurus and a big ol’ bunch of big bad groups, WILL BE LOOPING IN CONCERT AT SOJAM. (Click here to hear Matt and Mister Tim’s interview on NPR’s All Things Considered.)

Monster Mash In honor of Halloweeny, Christopher shares one of his favorite aca-mashups: Matt Emery’s arrangement of Gnarles Barkley’s “Crazy” apb Duke Rhythm & Blue.

Good Ol’ Days The King’s Singers‘ arrangement of “And So It Goes” is aaaaalmost as legendary as the King’s Singers themselves.

Album Review The boys go yin and yang on different aspects of Black Diamond, the latest album by the Wellesley Widows.

Mouth Off 10.18.09

Posted on 2009 10, 18 by MouthOffTeam

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Around the Horn AcappellaFest, Mile High Vocal Jam, Ripple Effect: Constructive Interference, John He & Bruin Harmony in Hollywood, SoJam collegiate competitors have been chosen, BOCA submissions due Nov 1, Penn Masala sang for Obama, album reviews at, lovely listener emails, Sonos is good live, the Bubs have been selected for NBC’s The Sing-Off.

Podcast Update Dave offers a quick introduction to the AcaPodcast, A Cappella Originals, AcappellaU, American A cappella, and the Pitch Pipecast.

LOL BYU Vocal Point‘s “Super Mario Medley” makes Christopher laugh out loud.  Denim denim denim.

Classical Corner The Real Group‘s “Gee Mine or Mozart’s” is a great example of how to add your own flare to a classic(al) song.

Album Review The Real Group‘s new release The Real Album is really, really good, for reals.  Dave offers the perspective of a long-time fan, and Christopher repents for his Real Group ignorance and pledges allegiance.

Mouth Off 10.11.09

Posted on 2009 10, 11 by MouthOffTeam

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Better than the Original Christopher thinks the Apes & Babes version of the 80′s song “Rock Me Amadeus” is better than the original by Falco.  Dave thinks both are weird.

In Your Earbuds The Stanford Harmonics are creepy in their yet-to-be-released song “Spiel Mit Mir,” Andy McKee combines novelty and beauty music on his album Art of Motion (watch the YouTube vid here), and Cluster jingles all the way.

Head2Head Christopher pits the UB Buffalo Chips against Clemson Tigeroar in an all-male battle comparing their two unique takes on Coldplay’s megahit song “Viva La Vida.”

Listener Mailbag Dave & Christopher open up their mail and read your words on the air.  Q&A FTW. (Twitter account here)

Album Review The boyz give their take on Imprint, the latest album by the UGA Accidentals.  Production by breakout aca-producer Charlie Forkish, upbeat energetic songs, arbitrary syllables, and dreamy boys take center stage.  The last song on the album takes their breath away, and Christopher names the best male solo he’s heard this year.

Mouth Off 10.04.09

Posted on 2009 10, 04 by MouthOffTeam

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Around the Horn AcappellaFest, Whiffs turn 100, Basix was on TV (and so was Bill Hare!), Club For Five’s waygood new album, CNN and Washington Post and WSJ are talking about Glee, SoJam college competition vids are due!, Psych goes aca, 21 Tips for Ruining Your Rehearsal, Buble loves Naturally 7, DeltaCappella is honored, how to digitally market your aca music, the Real Group has a new Real Album and a Real Community. Really.

Music from the Future Kendall Young from Kettering High School’s group Eleventh Hour is 17 going on 30.  Her performance on their yet-to-be-released Bareilles track “Bottle It Up” is like whoa.

Song Suggestion Christopher wants someone to arrange Muse‘s “Resistance” and send it to him.  Kthxbai.

Names You Should Know On the eve of Don Gooding‘s retirement from a cappella, Dave takes a moment to laud Don’s tremendous contributions to the a cappella community.  And Don appreciates the compliment about his mustache.

Arrangement Spotlight Lilli Lewis‘ style of arrangement and performance is super organic, and it reminds us all that we don’t always need fancy tricks and jens and jos to make good music.  Just clap yo’ hands and sing.

Album Review Hunky Danish sextet Basix has delivered a double-disc, all-original album for your listening pleasure.  Dave loves the first disc, and especially the funky, groovy tracks; but he uses the boring songs on the second album to teach a lesson about editing yourself.  Christopher had a few favorites, but the obvious song lyrics and faux boy band style sometimes felt like a big dude in the gym trying to express his feelings.