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Mouth Off 09.27.09

Posted on 2009 09, 27 by MouthOffTeam

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SoJam Special

In this special theme show, Dave and Christopher feature groups that have appeared and will appear at the world-class SoJam A cappella Festival, sponsored by CASA and co-sponsored by Mouth Off.  This year’s SoJam will take place in Durham, North Carolina, on Nov. 6-8, 2009.  Learn more about the weekend-long event here; the collegiate competition produced by Christopher here; and the workshops taught by Dave, Christopher, and other pros here.

Musical Mouthful Firedrill! is always a dreamy audience favorite at SoJam.  Dave loves their FEH.

This is Not an Instrument The a cappella community met soulful music geniuses Naturally 7 at SoJam 2007.  They sing trumpets better than Christopher.

My New Girlfriend(s) Dave is an a cappella playa… he has TWO new girlfriends this week!  Abbey Janes from Duwende is that confident lady you just wanna get with.  And Fork’s Mia Renwall is beyond hot. Her curves and high cheekbones are right up Dave’s alley.  The whole conversation is completely lost on Christopher.

Names You Should Know Dave Sperandio founded SoJam on a shoestring, and under his direction and vision it has become the UberEvent in the a cappella world.  Christopher lauds Dio’s work with transit, his hip hop Timbaland ways, and his work creating the VocalSource network of a cappella production pros.  Today he runs diovoce studios and serves as CASA’s Director of Festivals and Events.  And he’s just a good dude.

Cool Chord of the Week Eclipse, the boy band of the a cappella world, will be singing their cool chords at SoJam 2009.  Dave is already getting goosebumps, especially when listening to their latest album Grateful Praise.

Sexypella The House Jacks are the original rock band without instruments, and they’ll bring their sexy music to Durham, NC, this year to headline at SoJam 2009.

20 Questions Christopher asks 20 questions of 20 people involved in SoJam.  These producers, performers, and participants share their love for the event and urge you to be there this year.

N.B.: The first groups to buy tickets get first dibbs on masterclasses.  If your group would like to have a one-on-one masterclass with Dave and Christopher, purchase tickets here and let us know you’re interested.  We look forward to meeting you!

Mouth Off 09.20.09

Posted on 2009 09, 20 by MouthOffTeam

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Around the Horn Michael Jackson medley goes VIRAL, submit your SoJam Collegiate Competition materials NOW!!, Yale’s Baker’s Dozen gets PWNED (again), ICCA is now accepting applications and Dave is the new ICHSA director, it’s aca-festival season!: Mile High Vocal Jam, Las Vegas A Cappella Summit, Acappellafest, and SoJam are all on their way, and CASA & ACR have made the entire Sing compilation series available on iTunes and Amazon mp3!

In Your Earbuds Need some sexy walking music? Want some hott beatz to blow dry your hair to? Christopher says “look no further” than the New Young Pony Club for all your indie dance party in your living room needs.

High School Focus Aca-genius Robert Dietz and Ascending Height are trailblazing the high school a cappella scene with amazing production and brilliant original music.

The Good Ol’ Days Christopher thinks this old recording of  “In The Hall Of The Mountain King” is rad, but has no idea who performs it! A free copy of SONOSings to the person who figures it out and posts/emails the answer!

Arrangement Spotlight What do you get when you put Ed Boyer, the Tufts Beelzebubs, Bill Hare and Peter Gabriel in an aca-blender? You get the arrangement perfection that is “Diggin’ In The Dirt”.

Album Review Dave thinks you should pay attention the debut album by moody, pale sextet Sonos. Christopher thinks that they sing the music in his heart.  Both think the fact that they’re signed to a major record label is exactly what the a cappella community needs!

Mouth Off 09.13.09

Posted on 2009 09, 13 by MouthOffTeam

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Around the Horn Sing Off auditions are this week, Glee premiere, SYTYCD is back already, Harmonics in WSJ, AcaU host JoeyC has a new blog, Sean Algaier is a big loser, you should buy a HS aca CD, Sing VI is taking submissions, Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider go viral, youshouldcompeteatSoJam.

In the Basement Troy Horne from Home Free can sing lowwwww.

Musical Mouthful The ladies from Duke OOTB: grinka? gringka? green card?

I Just Gotta Say Dave agrees with Bill Hare and Barry Carl that everyone should stop overarticulating rhythmic syllables. Christopher isn’t so sure it’s that simple.

My New Boyfriend Relationship Christopher is currently dating every single voice in the Swedish group Riltons Vanner.  And it doesn’t hurt that they’re gorgeous.

Album Review Midwest super hardworking crazy touring quartet Tonic Sol-Fa put out another fantastic mainstream album, Just One of Those Days. Dave and Christopher discuss the pros and cons of simple, fun albums, as well as the group’s curious interpretation of Randi Newman’s “Sail Away.” (Deke’s blog post is here.)

Mouth Off 09.06.09

Posted on 2009 09, 06 by MouthOffTeam

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Voices Only Special

In recognition of the collegiate a cappella compilation Voices Only 2009 being released this past week, the boys dedicate this episode to some discussion of the double-disc compilation, including some of its standout tracks.

Cool Chord of the Week The high tenors of the UNCG Spartones really know how to wail.  Their rendition of Chicago’s “You’re the Inspiration” has some very cool chords.

Sexypella UMD Faux Paz + Tat Tong + Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights” = sexified magic.

My New Girlfriend It was love at first sound when Dave heard Kristen Jones of the Harvard Callbacks singing “Jane Doe” opb Alicia Keys.

I Just Gotta Say Christopher gays it up in a rant about the Spice Girls, as he praises the Wellesley Tupelos‘ rendition of “2 Become 1.”

Arrangement Spotlight In an unusual arrangement spotlight, Dave has kind words for the thoughtful arranging style of Christopher Diaz in FSU All-Night Yahtzee‘s version of Ben Folds’ “Missing the War.”

Interview Christopher sits down with Corey Slutzky, the producer of Voices Only, to discuss the compilation’s origins, purpose, and audience.  Corey also offers insightful thoughts on some of the latest developments in a cappella.