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Mouth Off 08.30.09

Posted on 2009 08, 30 by MouthOffTeam

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Around the Horn Acappellastock was a success, Imogen Heap has a new album out, The Sing Off auditions are coming up, Kevin Wright is leaving Rockapella, Rockapella is looking for a new tenor, Keith Olbermann mentioned Hyannis Sound, Nate Tao is our friend, THIS video, Deke cuts into TSF’s “Sail Away,” SoJam tickets are on sale and you should go.

Music from the Future Dave predicts the future and gives a teaser of Teaser by the ‘Mates.

Song Suggestion Christopher thinks someone should cover “Cosmic Love” by Florence + The Machine because it’s his LIFE.

This is Not an Instrument Cadence sings a mean harmonica.

Better than the Original The UNC Loreleis‘ version of “In the Backseat” is better than the original by Arcade Fire.

The Good Ol’ Days Go back to 1994 and Jack it Up!

Album Review The Stanford Harmonics have always pushed the envelope and encouraged innovation, but their latest heavily decorated album Escape Velocity and their live show “Amped” have truly launched the group beyond the collegiate a cappella orbit.

Mouth Off 08.23.09

Posted on 2009 08, 23 by MouthOffTeam

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Musical Mouthful ChanJackieChanJackieJackieChanChan.

Classical Corner Bin-nam-ma by Alberto Grau sounds like rain drops, especially when sung by this Taiwanese group.

Spit Loud Ed Chung from Duwende is one of the most consistent, groovy spitters around.

Head2Head UPenn Off the Beat vs. Cornell Chordials: two fantastic interpretations of Imogen Heap’s “The Moment I Said It.”

Album Review Duke OOTB‘s braaaand new release Flywheel showz you how it’s done.

Mouth Off 08.16.09

Posted on 2009 08, 16 by MouthOffTeam

A Cappellastock Special

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Created just five years ago in northern Utah, A Cappellastock has already become one of the largest a cappella events anywhere.  Drawing almost 3,000 fans to the Ogden City Amphitheatre, the event displays some of the country’s most impressive a cappella talent on a big outdoor stage in a quality production that appeals to young and old, rich and poor.

In this special episode, Dave and Christopher talk about the event, visit with the producers, and feature music by the talented acts appearing at this year’s event, which happens this Saturday, August 22.

Around the Horn A Cappellastock, Gary Go is iTunessingleoftheweekandit’sfree, Mosaic on AGT, Ball in the House wins Best of Boston Award, a cappella is like a frat, NBC’s The Sing Off is auditioning, Jonathan Wong is so hawt right now, Matisyahu has a new album (YouTube vid of his single), Bobby McFerrin hacks your brain, Straight No Chaser is HUGE.

Cool Chord of the Week Paul Sperrazza, of Toxic Audio fame, will be hosting this year’s A Cappellastock.  Christopher is in love with Toxic’s cover of “Voices Carry.”

My New Girlfriend Dave has always loved the pretty solo voice of Kindra Clemence, formerly with Mountain Blue.

Names You Should Know Mister Tim is a freak.  The best kind of freak.

Arrangement Spotlight Pop/rock a cappella quartet Blue Jupiter knows how to take songs and give them a Blue Jupiter flair.  You should follow their lead; take a song and make it your own.

Interview Dave sits down with A Cappellastock producers, T Minus 5, to get the inside scoop on how they produce the event. They tell their secrets for attracting huge crowds, and they share their thoughts on a cappella’s place in mainstream music.

Mouth Off 08.09.09

Posted on 2009 08, 09 by MouthOffTeam

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Music from the Future Dave gazes into the crystal ball and predicts that the Penny Loafers will tear it up on their yet-to-be-released version of “Roses.”

Boyfriend of the Week This week Christopher is dating the voice of THE Adam Levine (from Brandeis VoiceMale).  His lead on Stevie Wonder’s “Lately” is… just… tasty.

In the Basement Russia-based Jukebox Trio is freaky.  And their bass/perc on “Scary Movie” is snortilicious.

In Your Earbuds THAT’S NOT MY NAME.

Album Review Rutgers Casual Harmony‘s highly decorated sophomore release Casual Harmony has energy in spades.  Dave loves everything except the lead on Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy.”  And Christopher is too hungover to spell correctly.

Mouth Off 08.02.09

Posted on 2009 08, 03 by MouthOffTeam

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Around the Horn Hyannis turns 15, Mosaic’s Got Talent, a cappella groups are like magicians, A Cappellastock, Ben Folds acadocumentary, rehearse live across the miles, ACAFEED.

Spit Loud Keith Terry and SLAMMIN the body band are the essence of a cappella.  Imitate at your own risk.

Arrangement Spotlight Simply put, “Kivinen Tie” by Rajaton is simple. And simply good.

Listener Mailbag Recap In a follow-up to the July 12 show, Dave and Christopher continue the ongoing conversation about adding “unnatural” effects to an a cappella recording.  Bill Hare’s article, once again, proves insightful.

Sexypella Christopher gets aroused by WashU After Dark’s cover of “Mama’s Room.”

Album Review Take It to the Bridge by U.Va. Sil’hooettes is not bad, but Dave and Christopher use the album to make broader points about common mistakes and the state of a cappella innovation in general.

Final Thought Pop music is fairly vacuous. Ode to Beyonce.

Mouth Off has over 1,000 fans!

Posted on 2009 08, 02 by MouthOffTeam

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