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Mouth Off 07.26.09

Posted on 2009 07, 26 by MouthOffTeam

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Around the Horn Basix’s'z’ new album, Vocaluptuous, RARB forum woes, The A Cappella Party, group retreats, Bill on “sounding live,” Dietz on HS kids being “professional,” Straight No Chaser has a new EP coming out!

This is Not an Instrument Denise Reis. Trumpet, and then another trumpet. Perfection.

Song Suggestion Some all-female group needs to cover Katie Herzig’s “Hologram” muy soon.

High School Focus 5-Alone from Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter High School in South Hadley, MA, is ultra promising.  And the soloist! Yum.  Woo woo woooooo.

Better than the Original After encouraging self-abuse, Christopher argues that Ryan Adams’ cover of Oasis’ “Wonderwall” is better than the original.  And then he argues that UGA Noteworthy‘s a cappella cover of Ryan Adams’ cover is even better than that!  (Did you catch that?)

Album Review Firedrill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mouth Off 07.19.09

Posted on 2009 07, 19 by MouthOffTeam

Soup2Nuts Special

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In this week’s special episode, Dave gives an in-depth report of his recent experience at the famous Soup2Nuts 5-day a cappella recording seminar.

For more info on the seminar, visit the Soup2Nuts website.

To download mp3s of the group’s cover of Jamiroquai’s “Cosmic Girl” and the hip-hop original track “Royalty,” visit this page.

And don’t miss these videos of what it was like inside the studio.  Thanks to Cy for posting those.

Got any questions about Soup2Nuts?  Feel free to ask… just click on the “Contact” page above.

Mouth Off 07.12.09

Posted on 2009 07, 12 by MouthOffTeam

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Dave pits supergroups Cluster and Fork head to head in a timely matchup of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.”  Both versions pay homage to MJ’s attitude, but which will emerge the victor?

Listener Mailbag Alex from the Tufts Amalgamates wrote in asking for Christopher and Dave’s opinion of production effects and studio tricks when creating an a cappella recording.  Dave and Christopher give their suggestions, but what do *you* think?  Drop a comment below.
[Editor's note: Great article on from Bill Hare explaining his point of view on this topic.]

Song Suggestion Gary Go’s new single “Wonderful” is wonderful.  And some a cappella group should cover it.

My New Boyfriend Christopher is currently dating the voice of Alex Green who sang “Say (All I Need)” at the January 2009 Soup2Nuts seminar.  Turns out they already know each other in real life… awkward?

Album Review The Brown Jabberwocks are 60 years old, but their latest album Breaking and Entering reflects the beauty and immaturity of a 20-year-old.  For once Dave and Christopher agree, except on the song “Dance with My Father.”

Mouth Off 07.05.09

Posted on 2009 07, 05 by MouthOffTeam

Independence Day Special!

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Around the Horn
Mouth Off has over 500 FB fans, acappellanow, MJ acatributes are everywhere, Mister Tim says to edit yourself, has muchos album reviews, Happy Birthday to our acafriends, Sweet Honey in the Rock sang for the Obamas again, Dolphin Voices.

Arrangement Spotlight Gaither Vocal Band sings a STELLAR arrangement of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Cool Chord of the Week The tag of the Acoustix’ version of “God Bless America” is coooool.

Better than the Original The Hyannis Sound‘s “Longtime” is aaaaaalmost better than the original by Boston.
(Editor’s note: Although this Hyannis album is available for purchase, it is not yet available online. The guys should put it up soon, we hope.)

Names You Should Know Gene Puerling is a true a cappella pioneer.  His work with the Hi-Lo’s and Singers Unlimited was groundbreaking and legendary, and his arrangements continue to be popular even today.

Album Review Dave likes the style and energy of Redhot & Blue of Yale University’s latest album Riot, but hates the super antiquated recording techniques.  Christopher finds the recording refreshing, but doesn’t love the style or lack of energy.  Yin and Yang!

Final Thought Christopher is hot.

Mouth Off has over 500 FB fans!

Posted on 2009 07, 02 by MouthOffTeam

We are thrilled to announce that, thanks to the positive word-of-mouth from our supportive listeners, Mouth Off now has well over 500 fans on Facebook.  Thanks for your support!

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Y’all are the best!