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Mouth Off 06.28.09

Posted on 2009 06, 28 by MouthOffTeam

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Opening Michael Jackson is among the most covered artists in a cappella.  A brief tribute features aca versions of Smooth Criminal, The Way You Make Me Feel, Man in the Mirror, Human Nature, Thriller, Billie Jean, Black or White, and Workin’ Day and Night.

Musical Mouthful The BU Dear Abbeys divide and conquer in “The Ascent of Stan” from their album Abbeys Road.

This is Not an Instrument Bubs’ “Come Sail Away” is probably better than the original, but Christopher is more amazed that it has no instruments!

In Your Earbuds Dave’s old high school classmates have a band called Forrest Day that stretches the boundaries of singing with a filthy, devil-may-care sound every a cappella singer could learn from.

Classical Corner Don’t be distracted by Christopher’s British accent; the important thing is to remember our collective a cappella musical roots.  Eric Whitacre FTW.

Album Review Italian powergroup Cluster sings the best wrong chords ever on their new album Steps.  Dave has the album on repeat, while Christopher wants to join the group.  Pick up the album on iTunes when it drops July 7.

Mouth Off 06.21.09

Posted on 2009 06, 21 by MouthOffTeam

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Around the Horn
iPhones FTW, VoicesOnly 2009 track list,, new promo for Glee, Deke gives ideas for breaking new aca ground, Firedrill album is out and the group is going on hiatus and Christopherisdyinginside, Petra Haden in more aca Toyota commercials, curing your summer aca blues, Mister Tim’s three-fold behind-the-scenes look at America’s Got Talent, Happy Birthday Alli!, is looking for writers, Billy Joel is single, Sounds Good to Me, Jonathan Wong and Tat Tong have a SICK new single out, Hyannis Sound is up and running on the Cape.
(Editor’s note: In the show we mistakenly said that Jonathan Wong was the former MD of the Cornell Chordials, when in fact he was the MD of Cornell Last Call.)

Sexypella Carolina Tar Heel Voices performing “Secret” off of Would You? makes Christopher SWEATT.

High School Focus Kettering High School’s Eleventh Hour is leading the charge in the high school a cappella world.  “Go Their Own Way” off their 2008 album Evolution has some tasty solos hanging over a thoughtful arrangement.  Recruit them now!

The Good Ol’ Days Christopher’s first EVER a cappella experience was “I’m Your Baby Tonight” by the Tufts Amalgamates featured on BOCA 2001.  That’s like 1965 in a cappella years.

Spit Loud Who is beatboxing in this LL Cool J song “Hush”??  See the comments section of this post for the answer.

Album Review Six13′s 2008 album Yesh Chadash is ready for the radio (especially in New York).

Mouth Off 06.14.09

Posted on 2009 06, 14 by MouthOffTeam

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Girlfriend of the Week Dave is dating the voice of Jessica Drennon from the UVA New Dominions.  Christopher wants to make it a quintuple date.

Arrangement Spotlight “The” UofO Divisi can make tremolo guitar sounds with their tongues.

Better Than the Original The vocal band Eclipse performs “Owner of a Lonely Heart” better than the original version by Yes by using a killer lip buzz instead of an octavized bass.  See?  High tenors can be basses too.

In Your Earbuds Lately Christopher has been listening to Theresa Andersson, who uses live looping to make amazing music.  You can do it too!  WATCH THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO.  Repeat.

Album Review Foooooooooooooork!  Was there any question we’d like this album?  Ssso sensssual.

Mouth Off 06.07.09

Posted on 2009 06, 07 by MouthOffTeam

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Head2Head Brown Jabberwocks face off against BYU Noteworthy in a battle of the sexes to see who can take home the title for best cover of “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing.”  It’s a close one!

Spit Loud Marty Gasper breathes cool.

Song Suggestion Christopher’s love is “My Love” by the Bird and the Bee.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job Dance beats where they don’t belong… what is this??

We’re So Excited! Listen to this sneak peek of the still-unreleased FIREDRILL ALBUM!  Zombie Christopher is wetting his pants.

Album Review Off the Beat hasn’t changed since 1929.

(Edit: We’ve received some enquiries about the clips played during Dave’s Final Thought on this show about female a cappella.  Our keen-eared listeners noticed that the first one was from our recent “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” segment, which means we won’t reveal the identity of the group.  But the second one we’re proud to say was “Apologize” from BYU Noteworthy’s recent album Green Means Go.)